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SMARTree English

About SMARTree

SMARTree English is a comprehensive five-year language learning program for young learners of English. The program combines the engaging platform of tablet computers with a proven methodology that has been designed and tested by a group of dedicated and experienced English language teaching professionals with children.

SMARTree English strives to maximize learning opportunities by combining the best teaching practices with technology. It uses an integrated approach to language instruction and includes strands of integrated speaking, integrated writing, and integrated reading.

  • Features such as student speaking and writing portfolios provide students with ways to reflect on their language learning and teachers with a way to continually monitor and access their students on an ongoing basis. It also allows parents to see and hear evidence of their child’s progress and achievement.

    Because of its design, the program can be easily adapted to suite a variety of educational settings from a well-connected, technologically-advanced urban school to a rural school that is just beginning to integrate technology into their English programs.

    Simply stated, SMARTree English is a cutting edge language learning program for young learners with features that use technology to make quality English language education more accessible and successful.

    SMARTree English was developed by KT OIC, a subsidiary of Korea Telecom in partnership with e-future. Find out more at